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Natural Dog Supplies, Summerville SCOur mission at All Is Well in Summerville SC, is to inform pet owners of the benefits of holistic pet care. What is holistic pet care? Holistic pet care is attention to the overall health of your pet in mind, body and spirit. Pet food, pet grooming supplies, lifestyle, and emotional well-being all play a part in your pet's complete health and wellness.

The staff at All Is Well has over 25 years of experience in the pet industry. As certified pet nutritionists, we can help you make informed decisions regarding your pet's dietary needs. We offer free skin and coat evaluations to help determine the best nutritional products for your pet. You can find the answer to all your pet nutrition questions in our store in Summerville or on our website. We're here to help educate you on pet products that will enhance the lives of both you and your pet!



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Natural Pet Food

foodWe love our pets at All Is Well, and we believe that high quality pet food made with human grade ingredients, is the key to improving a pet's life and longevity. After all, it's the key to our life and longevity as humans! Many pet food products on the market are made using non-nutritive fillers like corn, wheat and by-products. These ingredients offer little in the way of nutrients and can be detrimental to the health of our pets. We at All Is Well, strive to provide the healthiest, all natural pet food products on the market. We've seen the positive results of proper nutrition in the health of our own pets and of our customers! Let our knowledgeable staff of certified pet nutritionists help you choose a pet food that is just right for the dietary needs of your pet!

Natural Pet Grooming Products

 pet grooming supplies, Summerville SC |All Is WellAt All Is Well, we believe that grooming should be a fun and relaxing occasion for both the dog and the groomer. Groomer's Secret, our signature line of natural grooming supplies, is made using the finest natural ingredients. Our shampoos rinse clean, leaving no residue and ingredients like tea tree oil soothe your pet's skin while naturally repelling ticks and fleas. These products are perfect for pets with allergies or chronically dry skin. We offer Groomer's Secret products for your use in our self-serve dog wash and use them exclusively with every grooming client!

Dedicated to Pet Care

pet care, pet products, pet grooming, Summerville SC | All Is WellRescue is a big part of who we are at All Is Well, and we believe every pet has the right to holistic health and a happy life. We have been dedicated members of the local rescue community for 14 years. We are board members for Carolina Poodle Rescue and work closely with many local rescues, and Francis Willis SPCA. We also foster and bottle-feed many orphan puppies and kittens each year and host adopt-a-thons for local rescues in our store in Summerville SC.